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Bring your financial marketing to life using a network of digital screens. Codigo gives you complete control over your screens with our easy‑to‑use online management system. Our digital signage installation process is quick and straight forward. Add in the world's largest selection of financial ads for digital signage, and it's clear that digital signage from Codigo is the perfect solution for banks and credit unions.

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digital signage installed in Dade County Credit Union Branch Lobby Financial marketing screens at PBI Bank Air Academy Credit Union has Digital Screens from Codigo Eclipse Bank in Louisville Kentucky has a video wall installation from Codigo
Easily manage your digital screens online with codigo

remote control

You're on the go, that's why we've developed a digital signage management system that goes where ever you do with our online software. Add, edit, and schedule media on your network of screens anywhere and anytime. Codigo makes it simple to ensure that your loan rates and marketing ads are always relevant and playing where and when you want. Easy to understand administrative controls and an affordable price makes Codigo's digital signage solution scalable for Banks & Credit Unions of any size.

financial digital signage screens that are easy to manage with online software

plug & play

We've spent the past 10 years perfecting our digital signage installation process and have it down to a science. We make the complex simple with international turnkey deployment and support, allowing you to focus on your marketing strategy. All of our digital signage players come with a "hot swap" warranty that ensure your system a maximum up-time even in the unlikely scenario of a player failure, at no extra cost to you! Add our unlimited training and bend-over-backward support, and you’re sure to be a Codigo DS customer for life!

financial Advertising Templates for your digital screens

tons of media

No digital signage system would be complete without eye-catching media options. When you sign up with Codigo you'll gain access to thousands of customizable financial ads at no extra cost. In addition to a tremendous amount of banking ads, our media vault includes entertainment content, stock tickers, news feeds, weather updates, and more. We also offer custom media production to meet your specific marketing and brand needs. With all these great options, your customers won't be able to look away!

endless financial advertisements

thousands of signage media templates

  • Over 1,500 financial advertisements templates which you can customize with your own text, colors, images, logos, and disclosures.
  • Chances are, we've got the perfect marketing ad already built and just waiting for you to use. Our Content Vault boasts banking specific product advertisements, announcement templates, employee/customer recognition, holiday videos, and more.
  • Want to constantly switch it up? That's no problem, in addition to our vast library of media, we also continuously add new media templates to the vault every month, allowing you to keep your on-screen content fresh and timely.

GoMedia Student Loan Example

editable financial ads

media customization has never been so easy!

  • Being able to get an ad or announcement up on your screen without designing it from scratch is a real time & budget saver. That's why we have thousands of media templates that allow you to quickly change text, add your logo, and publish to your screens.
  • Our editable templates make it easy! Personalizing the media file you choose takes only a matter of minutes and then you can then schedule it to your screen in just a click.
  • Love one of our templates? Great! You can re-purpose that ad as many times as you would like. With GoMedia, the possibilities are truly endless.

entertainment in your branch lobby

shorten perceived wait time with on-screen trivia

Our entertainment media files come packed with hundreds of trivia questions and facts that your customers will love. Intersperse them between ads and you're sure to keep customers entertained & boost ROI.

Digital Signage Entertainment Options:
Music Trivia Movie Trivia This Day In History
Sports Trivia Did you Know? Investment FAQ
Etymology Going Green Tips Famous Birthday
Odd Holidays Safety Tips Tax Tips
Riddles Scrambled Words Words From The Wise

current conditions & 5 day forecast

local weather updates on your digital screen

  • Your customers won't even know they are waiting in line when the five-day forecast is playing on your screen.
  • Weather based your ZIP code ensures information is always relevant to your branch location.
  • Powered by the NOAA, a trusted weather information provider.

news stories— from local to international

reliable news feeds coming from the Associated Press

  • Full screen and ticker news alerts are a great way to keep your customer's eyes on your digital marketing screens.
  • Our proprietary full screen news files have eye-catching animated introductions that lead into interesting stories on a variety of topics.
  • We offer relevant state and local news feeds in addition to the following AP news categories: International, National, Sports, Business, Technology, Celebrity & Pop Culture, Health, Politics, Science, and more!

Ticker options for news, weather, and stocks

tickers with news, stocks, and weather

utilize the bottom of your screen with scrolling information

  • Leverage the bottom portion of your screen to deliver news, messages or even weather updates.
  • Having a ticker zone allows you to play marketing advertisements on most of the screen while also showing news, weather and stocks scrolling at the bottom.
  • Flexible media options allows you to display just about any type of information you'd ever want to in your scrolling ticker area, including custom RSS feeds.

video creation

advanced motion graphics will take your financial marketing to the next level

  • Want to display TV commercials, training videos, or converted DVD files? Codigo can make that happen.
  • Have a special promotion coming up? Use professional video and animation to make your next ad campaign look amazing.
  • Our skilled design and production department has the tools and the know-how to create the perfect custom marketing spot for your next ad.

digital signage players for your Bank or Credit Union

Power your screen with state-of-the-art technology. Our digital signage players offer a range of options, from powering multiple displays to ultra-small units that can be hidden anywhere. We can even customize a digital signage player to meet your specific needs. Additionally, all of our DS units come with a 3 year warranty, including a hot-swap service, meaning you can minimize any potential downtime and leave your worries behind.

Codigo SFF (Small Form Factor)

If you want to power multiple screens in your branch lobby with one PC, this is your best option. Display crisp, beautiful images and motion graphics with this powerful but small box.

Dimensions Height: 13" Width: 3.75" Depth: 15.5"
Processor Intel Dual Core Pentium 3 GHZ
Operating System Windows 7
Memory Crucial 4GB 1333MHZ DDR3
Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda® 500GB Sata 6.0Gbp/s at 7200RPM
Optical Drive Samsung 24x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer (SATA)
Graphics Card MSI NVIDIA GeForce 210 1 GB | DVI, HDMI, & VGA Out
Warranty 3 Year Hot Swap Warranty
Financial Digital Signage Player with Multi-channel capability

Codigo USFF (Ultra Small Form Factor)

Even smaller, this unit can deliver full HD video right to your display.

Dimensions Height: 3.5" Width: 10" Depth: 8.75"
Processor Dual-Core Intel® i3 3.3 GHz
Operating System Windows XP Pro (Service Pack 3)
Memory 2 x 1GB 1333MHZ DDR3
Hard Drive Western Digital 320GB SATA 3GB/s 5400RMP
Graphics Card Integrated Graphics with Intel HD Graphics | DVI, HDMI, & VGA Out
Warranty 3 Year Hot Swap Warranty
Digital Signage ultra small form factor Player PC

Coming Soon:
Intel® NUC (Next Unit of Computing)

Want to go even smaller and lighter? The NUC can be hidden behind your display and yet delivers an incredibly crisp and smooth video playback on screen.

Dimensions Height: 4.59" Width: 4.41" Depth: 1.55"
Processor Core i3
Warranty 3 Year Hot Swap Warranty
Digital Signage Player PC Intel NUC Next unit of computing

The Rack-Mounted Option

Keeping your technology organized is easy with a digital signage player that fits right in your server closet.

Dimensions Height: 5" Width: 18.75" Depth: 20"
Processor Intel Dual Core Pentium 3 GHZ
Operating System Windows 7
Memory Crucial 4GB 1333MHZ DDR3
Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda® 500GB Sata 6.0Gbp/s at 7200RPM
Optical Drive Samsung 24x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer (SATA)
Graphics Card MSI NVIDIA GeForce 210 1 GB | DVI, HDMI, & VGA Out
Warranty 3 Year Hot Swap Warranty

Your own custom DS Player

Already have a PC that you'd like to use as a digital signage player? As long as it meets these specifications below, you are good to go!

System Type PC Spec
  • Processor – Intel Core i3 530 2.93GHz or Core 2 Duo 2.7 GHz E5400 or better
  • Memory 2GB or better
  • Video Card – Gforce 8400GS or better
    • 1GB recommended
    • or a comparable video card that meets or exceeds these specifications
  • 80GB SATA 3.0Gb/s and 8MB DataBurst Cache
  • Network Port 10/100
  • 48X32 CDRW/DVD Combo preferred
  • OS - Windows XP Professional /SP3 or Windows 7 / SP1 NTFS File System
Dual/Multichannel Displays
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.5 MHz
  • Chipset: Intel Q45 Express
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Hard Drive: 80GB
  • Audio: 5.1ch High Definition
  • Video
    • PNY Quadro NVS 290, 256MB x16 PCle
    • RMADAC Clock Speed: 400 MHz
    • Video Memory Installed: 256 MB
    • Technology: DDR2 SDRAM 64-bit
Software Requirements
  • LogMeIn software must be installed and enabled for remote access
  • Codigo Player Software - Codigo Support Will Install once LogMeIn is activated
  • .Net Framework 2.0 from Microsoft - Codigo Support Will Install once LogMeIn is activated