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Codigo is about building innovative marketing tools that enable our customers to make a positive impact on retail behavior. We believe in delivering the highest quality online products for our clients while offering a family-friendly, career-rewarding, fun environment for our employees. Our tech-savvy staff has developed proprietary solutions that include: Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosks, On-Hold Messaging, and Custom Media Production. All of our products are aimed to be user-friendly, cutting edge, and ultimately an effective and efficient way to execute marketing strategies in a digital age.

codigo team members

Brian Nutt, CEO

Brian Nutt

Codigo Founder & CEO

Favorite Book: Tom Sawyer

Chris OBryan, VP of Operations

Chris O'Bryan

VP of Operations

Winner: 2 consecutive chili cook-offs

Cash Rowland, Regional Sales Manager

Cash Rowland

National Sales Manager

Hobby: Horses & Horse Racing

Nick Isaacs, South-East Sales Manager

Nick Isaacs

Northeast Sales Manager

Favorite Food: Surf and Turf

Brandon Bass, VP of Media

Brandon Bass

VP of Media

Desert Island Movie: Magnolia

Nikki Huyear

Nikki Huyear

Client Relations Manager

Favorite Sports Team: The Denver Broncos

Bruce Nunnely, Director of IT

Bruce Nunnelley

Director of IT

Favorite Beatle: Ringo

Shellee Jones, Interactive Designer

Shellee Jones

Interactive Designer

Favorite Food: Taco Night!

Ryan Giordano, Interactive Designer

Ryan Giordano

Web Developer

Secret talent: Fluent in Japanese

Thomas Newman

Thomas Newman

Marketing Manager

Drink of choice: Yoo-Hoo

Angela Smith, Project Manager

Angela Smith

Project Manager

Favorite Album: Van Morrison "Moondance"

John Beauchamp, Project Manager

John Beauchamp

Project Manager

Hobby: Gardening

Andrew Knabel, Software Support Specialist

Andrew Knabel

Software Support Specialist

Favorite Album: Will Smith "Big Willie Style"

Blake Hardesty, Project Manager

Blake Hardesty

Software Support Specialist

Favorite Superhero: Batman

Jason Ence

Jason Ence

Software Support Specialist

Favorite Travel Destination: Italy

Aru Tarr, Business Analyst

Aru Tarr

Business Analyst

Talent: Writing with her toes

Darlease Hayden

Darlease Hayden


Favorite Hobby: Zumba

Jason Kretzer, Application Developer

Jason Kretzer

Application Developer

Personal Hero: Jason Dees

Alexander Artunduaga

Alexander Artunduaga

Application Developer

Favorite Color: Orange

Krystal Surratt

Krystal Surratt

Administrative Assistant

Favorite Beatle: Paul

Jordan Todd

Jordan Todd

QA Engineer

Drink of choice: Chai tea

Anthony Quisenberry

Anthony Quisenberry

Software Developer

Favorite Food: Lasagna

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Codigo, LLC

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Louisville, KY 40206 Suite #400

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"We believe in delivering the highest quality online products for our clients while offering a family-friendly, career-rewarding, fun environment for our employees."

—Brian Nutt